Bhutanese- Nepali Community of Regina Inc. is a small non-profit organization. The mission of our community is to preserve the Bhutanese-Nepali culture, language and fundamental social identity of the community living in the beautiful Queen city of Regina. The community has vision to protect and promote socio-cultural values and preserve for the future generation living in Regina within the multicultural framework of the Canadian society.

The meeting among the Bhutanese-Nepali community members was held on December 25th 2011 in the historical city of Regina. After the massive discussion among the members in the meeting; we decided to form an organization named “Bhutanese-Nepali Community of Regina Inc.” which is an independent, non-profit, non-political and non-governmental organization. There is no discrimination on the ground of religion, language, color, gender, political ideology and cultural background to be the member of this community (the Bhutanese- Nepali Community of Regina). The community is committed to promote its socio-cultural values and contribute towards the development of multicultural communities through various social activities like Arts, Music, Sports and other social events.

Mission :

a.The mission of the Bhutanese-Nepali Community of Regina Inc. (B-NCORInc) is to  preserve Bhutanese-Nepali cultural heritage, language, customs, education and social bonding among the members of the Bhutanese-Nepali community living in Regina.

b. The community conducts various social and cultural programs on the special occasion to depict our fundamental socio-cultural identity and to contribute toward the Canadian Multicultural society. B-NCORInc works towards unity in cultural diversity to bridge our community to many other multicultural community and contribute toward the multicultural development of Regina in various capacity.

Vision :

a.The vision of Bhutanese- Nepali Community of Regina is to preserve its socio-culture, language,traditional values,education and promote its fundamental identity to other community within the multicultural framework.

b.Manage Nepali  heritage language school for the young generation to preserve our language in the future. Engage,share, learn and respect the others cultural diversity and values.

 Upcoming event

new year celeberation 2018

Nepali Version Invitation

BNCOR 2017 Event

Dipawali Celebration 2017 
Dipawali Celebration 2017 
Dipawali Celebration 2017 
Dipawali Celebration 2017 


Dipawali Celebration 2017 

Bhutanese -Nepali Community of Regina would like to thanks all our community members for joining us to celebrate Dipawali Special Event on October 21, 2017. It was very successful event with celebration of culture and engaging our young generation.

Thanks to everyone.
Executive Committee

Dipawali Night October 21, 2017 

Bhutanese- Nepali Community of Regina would like to invite all our community members and families to join in our upcoming Dipawali night. For more information please refer our poster.

dipawali invitationHappy Dashara and Dipawali 2017 


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