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Bhutanese- Nepali Community of Regina is a registered non-profit community organization.Its mandate is to preserve its cultural values and engage other multicultural communities through various social events, activities and community participation.

The Community aims to preserve Bhutanese-Nepali culture, language and fundamental social identity of the community living in the beautiful Queen city( Regina) by organizing various community activities. The community has vision to protect and promote socio-cultural values and preserve for the future generation who are residing in Regina; within the multicultural framework of the Canadian society.

The meeting among the Bhutanese-Nepali community members was held on December 25th 2011 in the historical city of Regina. After the rigorous discussion among the members present in the meeting; we decided to form an organization named “Bhutanese-Nepali Community of Regina Inc.” which is an independent, non-profit, non-political and non-governmental organization. There is no discrimination on the ground of religion, language, color, gender, political ideology and cultural background to be the member of this community (the Bhutanese- Nepali Community of Regina). The community is committed to promote its socio-cultural values and contribute towards the development of multicultural communities through various social activities like Arts, Music, Sports and other social events.

Mission :

a.The mission of the Bhutanese-Nepali Community of Regina Inc. (B-NCOR) is to preserve Bhutanese-Nepali cultural heritage, language, customs, education and social bonding among the members of the Bhutanese-Nepali community living in Regina.

b. The community organizes various social and cultural events on the special occasion to depict the fundamental socio-cultural identity and to contribute toward the Canadian Multicultural society.

c.B-NCOR works towards the unity of cultural diversity to bridge the community to many other multicultural communities and contribute toward the development of multicultural society in  Regina in various capacity.

Vision :

a.Preservation of Cultural values, heritage language, and literature through the community participation and education.

b.To promote our fundamental social identity and create the intercultural connection to other communities within the multicultural framework.

c.Shares our values, experience, arts, and music to younger generations and contribute  toward the multicultural society

A glimpse of history:

The Bhutanese Nepali are descendants of Nepalese migrants that settled in Southern Bhutan in the late 1890’s. Originally recruited by the Government of Bhutan to clear the jungles of Southern Bhutan in the late 1890’s, they were called Lhotshampas, meaning ‘People from the South’. Over time the Lhotshampas prospered in Bhutan and became high-ranking government officials and educators by the end of 1980.They made up 45% of the population of Bhutan and booming economy of the country.

Beginning in the early 1990s, members of an ethnic minority population living in southern Bhutan began to flee rising levels of violence and persecution at the hands of the Bhutanese government. Denied their citizenship rights due to religious and cultural differences, the group eventually sought protection in UNHCR-established refugee camps in Nepal. Ultimately, the number of refugees swelled to over 100,000, housed in seven camps in eastern Nepal.

Many years living in the refugee camps with the hope of returning to their own homeland to Bhutan was unsuccessful. In 2007 the international communities initiated the third country settlement for Bhutanese Refugees who have been confined in the refugee’s camps over two decades in Eastern Nepal. Around 6500 Refugees settled across Canada as part of Resettlement process and started their new lives in Canada beginning of 2009. As a part of this resettlement process around 300 people made their settlement journey to the beautiful queen city in Regina since 2009 – 2014 and made Regina as their permanent homeland adding another cultural value to this beautiful city.  

Annual General Meeting January 20, 2018 

Thanks all the members of Bhutanese- Nepali Community of Regina for attending our Annual General Meeting on January 20, 2018. The Board of BNCOR presented the annual financial statement of the community of fiscal year 2017. The financial book is closed for 2017 now. 

Bhutanese- Nepali Community of Regina would like to extend a Big thanks to all our board members of the year 2017 who committed their time tirelessly for the community. Your hard work and uncountable hours of volunteers for the community will be remembered in a meaningful way in the memory of all the members of our Community.

Many thanks and appreciation for your hard work in which you have contributed and driven the community in many areas in many different capacity. The promised made and the journey set of for achieving common goals of our community. You all succeeded in the role given to you and made whole community smile by engaging them in multiples events and activities throughout the year. The role of our members and member’s family was significant on supporting in every steps of the journey and we would like to thanks all of you who made this.

Bhutanese- Nepali Community of Regina would like to congratulate our newly elected board members for 2018.Together we will rock the year 2018 to another horizon.

In addition, we have six volunteer position are vacant still including the secretary which I ( Dhaka Tiwari) will be transitioning the team until Mid of March. Please express your interest to volunteers for the year 2018. 

Wednesday March 21 is an International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination


 5th Annual Cultural & New Year Celebration:

Thank you for joining with us to Celebrate our culture on December 31, 2017 

5th Annual Anniversary & New Year Celebration Dec 31, 2017 

Bhutanese- Nepali Community of Regina would like to extend big thanks to our members, volunteers, guests and wellwisher for joining with us in our 5th Annual Anniversary and New Year Celebration on December 31, 2017.

It was very successful event meaning with many hands working together including our board members, dancers, singers, youth and our valuable member families.
We would like to thank Mr. Meg and his family for providing us space for food preparation. Our Three dedicated Kitchen volunteers Renuka, Sharmalal, and Bhanu dai we cannot imagine delicious tea and snack without your hands in the kitchen for hours and hours.Thank you so much for your support.
Mr. Jagan Bhai thanks for providing us Milk and Snack material for the event. Our dedicated youth, volunteers, dance Facilitator Dhana Koirala and members of our community who have committed their several hours as a volunteer and supported us for making this event grand successful, we would like to say BIG Thanks to you all!
In addition, Bhutanese- Nepali Community of Regina would like to thanks SaskTel for sponsoring this event. We will be calling our Annual General Meeting soon and will brief financial statement as well. We have few pictures posted out of many wonderful performances during the event. We will share complete video during our next meeting soon.
Thank you and happy New Year 2018.
Bhutanese- Nepali Community of Regina Inc.

5th Anniversary and New Year 2018 Celebration December 31, 2017 

Bhutanese-Nepali Community of Regina is hosting its 5th Anniversary and New Year 2018 Celebration on December 31, 2017, from 10:00 am -2:00pm. Please complete the registration form below if you are interested to join with us in the event. The purpose of registration is to make the planning process much easier. Thank you for your interest in joining us to celebrate our culture.Please be reminded that event registration is closed now. Thank you for registration and looking forward to seeing you all at the event.


Nepali Version Invitation

BNCOR 2017 Event

Festive Greeting from the Board of Directors 


Community Bridging and Capacity Building Final Series 

Bhutanese- Nepali Community of Regina is offering its final series of ‘Community Bridging and Capacity Building project from December 2nd – 30th 2017. We encourage our youths and seniors to participate in the given time and dates. The community also would like to thanks, Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan for funding this project.

capcacity building BNCOR 2017 Event

Dipawali Celebration 2017 


Dipawali Celebration 2017 

Dipawali Celebration 2017 
Dipawali Celebration 2017 
Dipawali Celebration 2017 

Bhutanese -Nepali Community of Regina would like to thanks all our community members for joining us to celebrate Dipawali Special Event on October 21, 2017. It was a very successful event with the celebration of culture and engaging our young generation.

Thanks to everyone.
Executive Committee

Dipawali Night October 21, 2017 

Bhutanese- Nepali Community of Regina would like to invite all our community members and families to join in our upcoming Dipawali night. For more information please refer our poster.

dipawali invitationHappy Dashara and Dipawali 2017 


Bhutanese- Nepali Community of Regina Inc. Board Structure 2018 


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