Dragons FC & Youths


Bhutanese- Nepali community of Regina will continue sport activity Volleyball practise as part of Winter sport from January – March 2017 every Saturday or Sunday yet to determine the day and time. If you are interested please complete the form below before December 5th, 2017. Each person will cost $20.00 and this amount is use for renting the indoor space for the volleyball game.

sportDragons FC and Youths is a sport club under Bhutanese-Nepali Community of Regina Inc. This sport club was established in May 2017, with the vision to engage youths and young generation of the community members to sports activities. This sport team participates in local and regional sport activities and represents the community in the field of sports.

a.The sport team engages youth of the community in the sport activities with the objectives of discipline, development and dynamism

b.The team  participates and conducts sports activities under the supervision of the Bhutanese- Nepali Community of Regina Inc. 

c.Sport team represents community in the sport activities, if participation in the sports event is approved by the board of directors of B-NCRInc.

d.The team coordinator provides updates to the executive members of the community about any sport activities or team participation.

The Dragons FC soccer team have participated in the Western Canada Regional Soccer Tournament from July 2 and 3, 2017 in Regina. The team have well represented in the sports held in Regina.

Dragons FC also participated in the Lethbridge Tournament from August 8-9.


Dragon FC Soccer Team