Membership Renewal for 2020 is Open Now due date is June 30, 2020

Any Bhutanese Nepali 18 year or older accepting the mission of BNCOR  living in Regina more than 45 days shall be eligible for the membership of BNCOR.

The dependent children (under 18 years of age) of the member shall automatically be a member of BNCOR . But minors will have no voting right.

He/She shall be the member of BNCOR after accepting the mission and vision of the community  stated in the bylaw of the community.

There is no restriction of caste, religion, language, culture gender and others to be the members of this community.

One, who is interested in getting the membership, must fill the membership form and submit to executive body of BNCOR. Online membership form is available on our website. The membership is a voluntary not a mandatory. Individual who is not a active member of the community at the time of any community events may cost extra entry fees as compared to active member of the period.   

Membership Renewal is open from December -June 30 of each year. After the due date additional $5.00/- will be added in the membership fee. 



Membership Application Form. To apply for membership please complete the membership form below accordingly.