Upcoming Events

Bhutanese- Nepali Community of Regina is hosting a cultural event on the special occasion of Nepali New year 2075 on April 14, 2018 on Saturday from 2:00pm- 7:00pm at living hope alliance church at 3900 Arcola avenue east. 

The purpose of this event is to mark Nepali New year and engaged the community members in social and cultural activities. Please if you would like to perform any cultural dance or live song please do provide us brief info before March 15, 2018.   

In addition,please do arrange for the day off for that day, if you are scheduled to work on this particular day . This time we are trying to feature guest artists if possible.The official invitation will be sent out to all the member families and the guests within few days from now.

Your presence for the event is very important for us.-Bhutanese Nepali Community of Regina Inc. 

  1. Nepali New Year Celebration April 14th , 2018 
  2. Canada Day Celebration  June 30th , 2018 
  3. Teej Special Event  September 15th , 2018 
  4. Dipawali special event November 22nd 2018 
  5. 6th Anniversary of Bhutanese- Nepali Community of Regina Inc. December 15th , 2018  

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